Spanish protests spread across Europe — in videos

Publicado: 23 mayo, 2011 en anonymouth, CRISIS, economía, futuro, lucha, manifestación, política

Spanish protests spread across Europe — in videos

By Jérôme E. Roos On May 22, 2011

Post image for Spanish protests spread across Europe — in videosAn unprecedented wave of spontaneous protest is washing across Europe as outraged Spanish protesters seek to export their nascent revolution.

Something incredible is happening in Europe right now: the M-15 movement that was born in Spain last week, with the Democracia Real Ya protests on May 15, is rapidly spreading across the continent as young people everywhere take to the streets to demand real democracy now.

Below are some of the most inspiring videos from the wave of protests that is washing over the continent. Please let me know in a comment if you have any other footage that I could put up. And make sure to find a protest near you and join the global solidarity movement!

In Amsterdam, the Netherlands:

In Brussels, Belgium:

In Paris, France:

Another beautiful one from Paris:

In Lyon, France:

In London, England:

In Edinburgh, Scotland:

Another nice one from Edinburgh:

In Dublin, Ireland:

In Berlin, Germany:

Another stunning one, also from Berlin:

In Munich, Germany:

In Hamburg, Germany:

In Frankfurt, Germany (in front of the ECB headquarters):

In Vienna, Austria:

In Prague, Czech Republic:

In Budapest, Hungary:

In Gdansk, Poland:

In Zurich, Switzerland:

In Rome, Italy:

In Bologna, Italy:

In Milan, Italy:

In Turin, Italy:

In Florence, Italy:

In Lisbon, Portugal:

In Bergen, Norway:

In Stockholm, Sweden:

In Helsinki, Finland:

In Reykjavik, Iceland:

Also in Reykjavik, the man who instigated the ‘Icelandic revolution’:



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